$35 Solar Radios

You can put a radio in the hands of a Sudanese person for only $35. $35 buys the radio, and with every 150 radios purchased, the radios can be delivered. The radios are solar powered Galcom radios that are fixed-tuned to our station.

$15,000 funding for the FM Radio Station

$15,000 is all it takes to build a low power Galcom radio station. This is called “Radio Station in a Suitcase”. We can travel with two suitcases, an antenna and some cabling, land in a village and be broadcasting within hours of our arrival, bringing the gospel and information to displaced camps and villages in South Sudan.

Can’t Decide?

Give what you can or call us at 214.738.7303 and we will help you set up a monthly donation Thanks for helping us build a Nation.

Please send checks to:

Irving Bible Church
c/o Radio South Sudan
2435 Kinwest Parkway
Irving, Texas 75063


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